Carnivorous Escape Room Geelong


This game is unlike other escape rooms you may have played before, This game will not push you through or baby you through the experience. If you are expecting hints and clues think again you will not get them you are on your own. Play is similar to a video game,you play at your own pace and when time runs out (and it will ) come back start again each time you play you will be quicker and get further into the game and story, just like a video game.

The aim of this game is for you to solve the game on your own. It is highly unlikely you will complete the game on your first attempt it could take several visits. If you are not comfortable with this style of game play do not book this room. If you want a clue room… book Mayhem Manor instead.

***The room contains Smoke effects, and loud noises. If you are sensitive to either of these do not book this room.

This is a 4 player game only no more no less do not ask. Do not arrive with less than 4

The game is only played at night with limited sessions so get in fast and book an available session..

Locked in the basement, you are the Serial Killers next meal

As the haze of chloroform dissipates, you and your three friends slowly regain consciousness, disoriented and groggy panic surges through you as you realize the gravity of the situation – you’ve been abducted by a cannibalistic serial killer. With a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach, you exchange horrified glances with your friends, who are also coming to grips with the nightmare unfolding before you. Before you can react he ushers you into his grim basement lair, where he intends to make you his next meal. Fear grips your heart as he locks you in a cell, the echoes of your friends’ panicked whispers amplifying the terror of your situation. But despite the odds stacked against you, a fierce determination ignites within you – you refuse to become prey in this twisted game. With every ounce of strength and cunning you possess, you vow to find a way to escape the clutches of this deranged predator and reclaim your freedom, no matter the cost.


Serial Killer Escape Room Geelong - Coming Soon!
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DIFFICULTYCarnivorous Escape Room Geelong 1Carnivorous Escape Room Geelong 1Carnivorous Escape Room Geelong 1Carnivorous Escape Room Geelong 1Carnivorous Escape Room Geelong 5
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE80 minute experience
  • Important Please Read Before Booking
    Terms and Conditions: 

    ALL players must be 18+ (4 player game)

    Physical Activity required: Bending and crawling.

    We have a 0.00 alcohol limit.

    Location: We are located in Moolap near the Bellarine Hwy and Club Italia. We will disclose (via text) the exact location on the morning of your booking as part of your experience.

    Do we have toilets available? No…there is a McDonalds 2 minutes away at Leopold shopping center.

    Is there an age limit? Yes, this is strictly 18 years and up. No Exceptions. We may ask to see ID if you are under age when you show up we will ask you to leave and no refund will be issued.

    Can we drink alcohol prior to attending this escape room? No, if you are suspected of being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs you will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

    Is there Parking? Yes Please follow the instructions we send via text on the day of your booking. There is plenty of parking.