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Containaphobia Escape Room GeelongWelcome to 70 minutes of terrifying fun and games in the creepiest and most hair-raising scare escape room ever! Challenge yourself and your friends to solve the intricate, sophisticated and elaborate puzzles, games and riddles and survive CONTAINAPHOBIA – the most exciting horror escape room in Geelong! 

Can you escape or will you be trapped forever?

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Escape Room Geelong

Containaphobia Escape Room Geelong

If you are looking for some excitement in your life, a challenge that you can pit yourself against and become the ultimate winner – CONTAINAPHOBIA is for you! Our horror escape rooms in Geelong are designed to test your mettle, sanity and your investigative skills! They are a high adrenaline, scary and immersive experience designed to whisk you from your boring drudge of a life into a realm where you live by your wits and nothing is as it seems!

To enter the horror escape rooms you need a team of 3 to 4 friends who are as mad and bored as you and looking for an experience that will test their very sanity! Containaphobia Escape Rooms are the ultimate hardcore terror trip, perfect for team building exercises, hens and bucks nights, and parties – regardless of the reason.

Do you want to discover the unknown terror that lies within? Do you want to overcome your greatest fears and be pushed to the very limits of sanity? Do you have what it takes to defeat the horror escape room before time runs out? Success takes team work, collaboration and nerves of steel. Pick your team, take the challenge and achieve your goal!


  • Mayhem Manor Escape Room – You receive a mysterious text from your friend, pleading for help. Calling you to Mayhem Manor. Will you go? Can you save your friend in time?
  • Carnivorous Escape Room – A macabre challenge, a horror movie brought to life. Will you survive being stalked in the killer’s lair? Can you escape the terror of being hunted?
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Mayhem Manor

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A Possessed House. Sinister Rumours. A Lost Friend.

You receive a mysterious text from your friend, pleading for help. Calling you to Mayhem Manor. Will you go? Can you save your friend in time?


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Cannibalistic serial killer

 As the haze of chloroform dissipates you and three friends slowly regain consciousness, disorientated and groggy only to realise you been abducted by a cannibalistic serial killer. Before you can react he ushers you into his basement you quickly learn your next on his menu.



You need to form a team minimum 2 maximum 5 players

Next, you need to choose your room – MAYHEM MANOR…  Your 70 minutes starts when your team has entered the escape room and the door is closed (doors are always unlocked so you can leave at any time). Your goal is to find the clues, solve the puzzles and riddles and escape before your time is up! May the games begin!


We are currently testing out 16 + anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian who must sign the waiver on their behalf and take all responsibilty for those players under 18.

We have couples, friends, work mates, university students and relatives, all rising to the challenge of our escape rooms!


For an hour of unmitigated terror and mind blowing challenges in Geelong, we charge $66 (GST INCLUDED IN PRICE)

However, as an APOD partner, CONTAINAPHOBIA offers a 50% discount to veterans, as Ben (the owner) is a veteran himself and wants to give back and support the card holding ADF vets (limit one per group). How does the discount work? you must make a booking and upon arrival at reception you must show your Veteran card in order to receive your 50% discount only valid for the veteran holder present at the game not entire group. One discount allowed per group


To have the best experience in our escape rooms, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear (preferably closed shoes) … and be prepared to do whatever it takes to escape!

Do not forget to bring your glasses if you need them to see or read


When the door is closed, you have 70 minutes to escape. How long your team takes to escape depends on how well you solve the riddles and puzzles.


The concept of escape rooms is based on horror, terror and heightened adrenaline, so anyone with a heart condition, anxiety disorder, PTSD, or a light/sound sensitivity should not participate in our scare escape room challenges. Pregnant women should also forgo the escape rooms. Anyone who enters our horror escape rooms, does so at their own risk. If you have any questions about your participation, send an email to

How old do I need to be to play a containaphobia escape room game?
we are currently testing 16+
All players under 16 must be accompanied with a parent or guardian.  We will be testing this age group if we fill it isnt working due to damages etc we will go back to being 18+
You must be 18+ to play our escape room. We do check ID if we feel you may be too young to play. Those who are underage will be asked to leave and no refund will be given as this was part of the conditions when you booked.
As part of our waiver you must be of age to sign this document and No you can’t get your parents to sign for you.
We do get daily enquiries about this and we tell everyone the same thing “No unfortunately all players must be 18+ No special conditions will change this”.
We also do not allow babies or toddlers.

if you cancel your booking with less than 24 hours notice NO REFUND will be given, There are no exceptions to this rule! we are a small business with limited session times and we will not incur profit loss from your misfortunes. If you  can not show up to your booking (for any reason) It is the same as cancelling your booking. You have hired the room and staff for that period of time. Less than 24hrs notice doesnt not allow other to book and we lose money.  If you give more than 24HRS notice you will be given a gift voucher to use at a later date not a refund. 


  1. Fantastic time would love to do next one

  2. Amazing! More detail and effort put into this room than any other room we’ve been to. Lovely guy. Definitely worth it. Can’t wait to see his future work!

  3. Had so much fun, challenging puzzles and great atmosphere!

  4. Extremely well thought out room with so much detail!! We definitely look forward to doing the next room!!

  5. Blown away with the work gone into the room, best fun super nice guy running the place 100% worth giving it a shot

  6. Absolutely incredible!!! One of the best ones I’ve done. Atmosphere is perfect, scary enough for a thrill but not so scary it puts you off. Will definitely be doing whatever rooms they come up with next!

  7. We had a great time. Very well thought out and set up. The operators were brilliant too. Totally recommend it

  8. My first time doing an escape room! The room was well executed, the challenges and the riddles went along with the theme and it was well narrated. There was a great amount of detail used throughout the rooms made it feel very realistic. The host himself was lovely, he was able to help our group and lead us in the right direction without giving away too much. Can’t wait for the next room!

  9. We had a great time. Many problems to solve, very diverse. A lot of effort has gone into creating this adventure. Look forward to the next one.

  10. Had an amazing time at Containaphobia. Well set out. You guys were so helpful and encouraging. Really tested our thought process. We will thoroughly recommend you..

  11. What a great room! Excellent quality and so well thought out. Can’t wait to come back for the next one!!!

  12. Absolutely brilliant, a great challenge, highly recommended, the time and effort that went in to creating such a detailed array of puzzles is amazing, by far the best escape room I’ve attempted.

  13. This was our 1st escape room and we loved it. We really weren’t sure what to expect but it certainly didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to doing more together – we cannot wait for Carnivorous to open.
    Highly recommend Containaphobia!!

  14. Really good time, heaps of effort put in and a really nice owner. Great fun

  15. Have never experienced an escape room before and didn’t really know what to expect however I will say this was one of the best nights I’ve had with friends and challenging puzzles to solve. The set up was amazing as was the host. Ben you have done an amazing job and I look forward to the opening of the Carnivorous.
    I’d recommend this to anyone

  16. Our family loved it, it was so much fun. Three of us had never done an escape room before, so we were excited and apprehensive. We were put at ease as soon as we met the owner. Thanks so much for giving us a great time with a lot of laughs.

  17. Really great experience. Took my Mum and my in-laws to do it with my wife and I, and we all had a blast.
    Lots of care and thought has gone into the build and the puzzles and I can’t recommend this highly enough.
    Ben the host was great at putting everyone at ease and clearly loves what he does.
    Definitely come check it out if you get the chance.

  18. Had the best experience and loved my first escape room.
    The detail and amount of puzzles to solve was fabulous. Ben was great – detailed brief to start along with relevant clues where needed.
    So much fun, loads of screams and excitement.. highly recommended

  19. Arguably the top escape room I’ve put myself through. Stunning atmosphere, great challenge and highly entertaining. It is 100% worth the experience and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  20. We escaped yesterday! Awesome experience. One of the best we’ve done hands down. We’re still talking about the puzzles and storyline etc.
    Well thought out puzzles that flowed really well and just the right amount of challenge. A little bit scary with a good theme and twist. With just the two of us we managed to get out.

  21. We escaped yesterday! Awesome experience. One of the best we’ve done hands down. We’re still talking about the puzzles and storyline etc.
    Well thought out puzzles that flowed really well and just the right amount of challenge. A little bit scary with a good theme and twist. With just the two of us we managed to get out.

  22. This was my first escape room and it was definitely worth the experience! Can’t wait to do more but unsure if any will compare to this awesome experience.. 100% worth coming here. Will definitely be doing carnivorous when it opens.

  23. Couldn’t recommend a better escape room. Puzzles and rooms were very well thought out and executed.

    Can’t wait to visit the next room when it comes out.

  24. Hands down the best escape room I have done, you will not be disappointed and you get above what you pay for. Ben goes beyond other escape rooms and ensures you are both entertained and challenged

  25. What do you buy a young adult when they are extremely hard to buy for? A escape room. Thank you they had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go the next one. Highly recommended

  26. Have done 20 plus escape rooms and this one was by far my favourite. So much thought and detail in the planning and construction of this room. So much fun!!

  27. Took 5x 16 yr olds here they had a great time. Ben was lovely. Everyone must try this its amazing

  28. This was a fantastic room. I took my son. We’ve never played an escape room before, but I am so happy I chose this room to try. The host put so much love, attention and detail into his work, it’s absolutely impressive!!
    I can’t wait for future rooms!!

  29. A friend and I had so much fun doing this escape room, it so well thought out and planned. It was a great first experience, thanks for having us!

  30. Brilliant!
    Excellent effects & attention to detail!
    Not for faint-hearted!!!!
    Definitely worth experiencing!!!!
    Well done to the creator!!!

  31. My sister and I chose to do Containaphobia today. It was an excellent experience. From the very start of booking, the scenes begin to set with the storyline, undisclosed location until the day, scary text messages etc. The puzzles were hard and although we didn’t make it through, was a decent effort for us, considering she had never done a room before. A little scare factor in there which was very well done, props and clues were a high standard and the effects of one of the rooms was amazing. High quality escape room, amazing owner and highly recommend you go to this! I cannot wait for the new room to be added and I will definitely be back to do this. Best escape room I’ve done so far.

  32. Hands down the best escape room we have done! Great challenges/brain teasers, excellent time allowance and overall fantastic interactive experience.

  33. Hands down the best escape room we have done! Great challenges/brain teasers, excellent time allowance and overall fantastic interactive experience.

  34. Best Escape Room iv done so far. Host was awesome and set the scene very well. Can’t wait to do his next Escape room.


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